Your life purpose is whispered to you the moment of your birth. It is instinctive and becomes a part of your DNA. You will spend your whole life either achieving your life purpose or resisting it.

At some level, you have always known your life purpose, but life tends to get in the way Your life purpose is specific to you and your individual circumstances. There may be others in the world with a similar purpose, but yours is distinctive in that it involves your immediate family, friends, location, etc. The opportunities specific to your situation create the possibilities for achieving your life purpose.

Not every life purpose has a global impact. Your life purpose message may be to have a child that will make a global impact, therefore making your life purpose crucial to the well-being of others. Every life purpose message has one thing in common. Each message contributes to the betterment of the world and involves no violence or hatred.

When you or someone in your immediate circle has a life purpose bigger than he knows himself to be, your acknowledgment and encouragement inspires your purpose, a genuinely Christ-like purpose. Most life purpose messages will fail to manifest without some level of support.

The journey to your life purpose message may be beset with peaks and valleys, because you may experience some resistance in accepting your message completely. You may accept 50 – 90% of your message, but the parts you reject may be the vital to the fulfillment of not only your message but the message of others.

The first place to look when acknowledging that you have a message to fulfill is to look at the lives of those around you. Are the people in your life living a fulfilled life? Don’t confuse being fulfilled with being happy. Happiness is subjective to circumstance, but fulfillment is a part of your being and cannot be taken by anyone. You can only give it away by choice.

As you examine the lives of those around you, do you see that their fulfillment rests on your own? If you are resisting your purpose, standing on the edge of your purpose, or are fully immersed in your purpose, it shows up in the lives around you. When you are being your life purpose, you inspire others to find their own, and they will inspire someone, and so on.

Your life purpose will either resonate with you as a way you have been living or as a way you’ve resisted every aspect of it. Once acknowledging your life purpose, you are responsible and accountable for sharing it and generating it into the world. Being your life purpose has you create the circumstances that forward that purpose.

It changes everything.

Philippians 2: 2

Complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind.

Created and developed by Kyle Sutton

All Rights Reserved.